Gabriel Rodríguez

Full Stack Developer@Printful Inc.

January 2022 – Present(2 years, 3 months)

Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products. Whether you wish to create your own online brand or gift someone a personalized t-shirt, Printful can help you get it done. Whenever someone—you or your customer—makes a purchase, Printful automatically receives the order, fulfills, and ships it.

On January 2022, I joined Printful's SaaS Team (their Barcelona-based team) to work on their paid subscriptions and related advanced features.

However, in May of that same year, after only 4 months in the company, I was offered the opportunity to rotate to the Design Maker team, one of the core teams of the company. There, I have faced more demanding tasks and constant challenges, which has helped me grow greatly, while also learning a lot more about architecture and complex software design and development.

Here are some of my responsibilities at Printful:

  • Performing technical and architectural analyses. Research, viability assessments, technical implementation documents, etc.
  • Performance and memory profiling, along with proposing solutions and improvements.
  • Developing and maintaining multiple complex and interconnected pieces of software, following SOLID principles and taking into account good architecture, maintainability and reusability.
  • Optimization of code performance, database queries and related elements.
  • Preparation of complex SQL queries to obtain a wide variety of reports.
  • Refactoring existing components and code to improve the general quality and reliability of the codebase.
  • Writing comprehensive unit and integrationtests for every task.
  • Collaboration with international teams of dozens of developers within the company.
  • Performing extensive code reviews of colleagues' tasks.
  • Participating proactively in the agile processes of the team and work organization, in constant collaboration with the whole team, lead and PMs. Constantly giving feedback to improve internal organization and processes.