Gabriel Rodríguez

Whads Search Google Search API client

July – August 2017 (2 months)
Google Search API

Whads Search is a client-side JavaScript library that allows the usage of Google search in any publicly indexed website, using the Google Search API, and therefore avoiding the injection of ads in the search results. This library is currently used by numerous websites developed and maintained by Whads.

My job was to do the functional analysis and develop the library from the ground up, as well as integratingit in various websites, and teaching the rest of the team how to use it in their projects.

My goal was for the library to be as transparent and easy to use as possible. The only thing that is needed to implement the most basic version of the search engine is to create a search results page, and include the call to the search script, along with the basic settings (API key, Google Custom Search Engine ID, CSS selector for the results container). This allows for great flexibility and ease of use, and the developer is not constrained by the need to create the search form in any specific way. With this goal in mind, all parameters are configurable.

For projects that need more advanced search capabilities, other specific configurations are available: multilanguage, results appearance, colors, search metadata, etc.


  • Automatic management of multilanguage-ready search, all configurable.
  • Support for label-segmented search.
  • Customizable rendering of search results.
  • Fully configurable: query string parameter, results container, metadata, etc.