Gabriel Rodríguez

Spinner 3D

May – July 2017 (3 months)
Graphic material
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Spinner 3D is a mobile (Android and iOS) fidget spinner simulator, based on the viral fidget toy. Spinner 3D allows players to experience the feeling of using a real spinner thanks to a full-fledged haptic response (vibration, sound, blur and other effects).

The game has 10.000+ downloads on the Play Store, and an average rating of 4.1 stars.

My role in the project:

  • Design of the game concept, mechanics and other related elements (experience, haptic response, game feel, etc.) in collaboration with the rest of the team.
  • Design, layout and implementation of all interfaces and screens. UI/UX design.
  • Design and development of all graphical and art elements (backgrounds, icons, buttons, spinner models, etc.).
  • Art, lighting and composition direction.
  • Design of the game's commercial image (logo, icon, promotional images, color scheme, general look and feel, etc.).
  • Collaboration in the implementation of functionalities and mechanics in the game code. Code optimizations.
  • Optimization of graphics and resources, notably reducing APK final size and improving overall performance.
  • Translation of the game to English.