Gabriel Rodríguez

Mango SEO landings manager

November – December 2019 (2 months)
Back end
Amazon AWS
Front end

Mango needed an easy and agile way to generate a large amount of promotional landings for special events (Mother's Day, Halloween, etc.), for SEO positioning purposes. The idea was that the members of the content creation team at Mango, who have little technical knowledge, should be able to build promotional landings in an efficient way, with as little intervention from the IT team as possible, through a visual and easy to use tool. This would allow the content and SEO experts to detach from the IT team, dramatically improving their workflow and efficiency.

Our proposal was to use a very well known tool among the content creation team at Mango (WordPress + Elementor), which dramatically decreased the learning period for the client. After generating the multilanguage landings, the Mango team only has to press a button to publish all the content. The web app then crawls the landing page, extracting and optimizing the HTML code and all dependencies (stylesheets, images, custom fonts, etc.). Afterwards, all the content is indexed in a JSON file and uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket, linked to a specific environment (preproduction or production), from where it is automatically published on the Mango website.

My role in the project:

  • Functional analysis and initial proposals design, in collaboration with the rest of the team (both at Whads and Mango).
  • Development of the platform's integration system towards the Mango website (landing page crawler, dependency extractor, connection with AWS / Amazon S3, landings indexing management).
  • Development of common elements for all landings: basic and general styles, HTML components for Elementor, etc. (in collaboration with the rest of the team).
  • Coordination with Mango teams: with IT to establish the guidelines to follow on their side of the integration; with the content generation team to integrate their feedback into our workflow.
  • Client support and communication.