Gabriel Rodríguez

Investigación y Ciencia

May 2017 – December 2021 (4 years, 8 months)
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Investigación y Ciencia is the Spanish version of the science magazine Scientific American, and part of Springer Nature, a European group of scientific dissemination publications led by the German magazine, Spektrum der Wissenschaft. It is a highly reputated set of publications managed by Prensa Científica, a publisher based in Barcelona, and with a huge audience gathering millions of Spanish-speaking readers from all over the globe.

My role in the project:

  • Participation in the development since I joined Whads. Direction and project leadership after the departure of the previous project leader in early 2018.
  • Maintenance of the older website and development of new funcionalities on demand by the client.
  • Redesign and full development of the new website in 2018, to modernize it and make it more attractive, usable and commercially efficient.
  • Server maintenance. Deep performance diagnose. Migration to new server that led to a critical performance improvement and the end of site crashes due to high traffic, specially in Latin America.
  • Advanced integration with Cloudflare (proxy, advanced caching, load balancing, advanced firewall configuration, etc.). Development of an automated system for dynamic content loading and cache invalidation on Cloudflare when changes occur on the website CMS.
  • Development from the ground up of a content edition system based on blocks and a preview module, for the editors of articles, news and blogs.
  • Refactorization and optimization of the website core and database, drastically reducing server response times.
  • Advanced integration and tracking with Google Analytics. Important improvements in SEO strategies.
  • The efforts in improving the design, performance and SEO strategy on the website led to a growth of more than 200% and millions of new page views, notably increasing company profits from direct sales and digital magazine subscriptions.
  • Integration of the website's commercial system with Springer Nature's centralized order management platform, Zenit (in direct coordination with the German team).
  • Advanced integration with Active Campaign to manage campaigns, thematic and general newsletters, subscriber recapture campaigns, etc.
  • Collaboration with multiple external providers in the integration of new modules and tools.