Gabriel Rodríguez

Bottle Flip Challenge

October – December 2016 (3 months)
Graphic material
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Bottle Flip Challenge is a mobile game (Android and iOS) based on the famous namesake viral challenge, consisting in flipping bottles in the air with the objective of landing them upright. This is the next step: a vast catalog of custom 3D bottles in a digital playground. Endless, joyful bottle flipping without annoying anybody in the process!

Bottle Flip Challenge has 500.000+ downloads and 4.000 reviews, with a average score of 3.8 stars in the Play Store.

My role in the project:

  • Design and development of the commercial image of the game, including its logo/iconpromotional imagescolor scheme and general look and feel.
  • Design of all graphical and art elements, both 2D and 3D: icons, buttons, game art, etc. Designmodelling and texturing of all the playable items (3D bottles).
  • UI/UX design: screens, interfaces, user interaction, etc.
  • Level design and lighting.
  • Implementation of the models and art elements in the game in Unity.
  • Optimization of graphics and resources in Unity, achieving a big APK size reduction (less than 50% its original size), and greatly improving performance in more modest devices.
  • Collaboration in the design of game mechanics, and their implementation in the game code. Review and improvement of physics parameters and tweaks to the overall gaming experience.
  • Alpha and beta testingDebugging.
  • Translation of the game to English.